This third module of the Spatial Regression Modeling workshop concerns Common Modeling Strategies for Spatial Processes.There are a number of readings that will help you prepare for and better understand this module and a lecture about the topic.


  • Anselin, L., and A. Bera. 1998. Spatial Dependence in Linear Regression Models with An Introduction to Spatial Econometrics. Chapter 7 in A. Ullah and D. Giles (eds.) Handbook of Applied Economic Statistics. New York: Marcel Dekker, pp. 237289. [A strong, foundational reading]
  • Anselin, L. 2002. Under the Hood: Issues in the Specification and Interpretation of Spatial Regression Models. Agricultural Economics 27(3): 247267. [An overview of spatial regression model specifications and interpretation]
  • Baller, R.D., and K.K. Richardson. 2002. Social Integration, Imitation, and the Geographic Patterning of Suicide. American Sociological Review 67(6): 873888. [A good example of theoretically grounded spatial data analysis]
  • Sparks, P.J., and C.S. Sparks. 2010. An Application of Spatially Autoregressive Models to the Study of U.S. County Mortality Rates. Population, Space and Place 16: 465481. [A nice example of putting it all togetherand sticking with your theory despite diagnostics to the contrary]
  • Crowder, K. and S.J. South. 2008. Spatial Dynamics of White Flight: The Effects of Local and Extralocal Racial Conditions on Neighborhood Out-Migration. American Sociological Review 73(5): 792812. [A theoretically motivated study incorporating space as a cross-regressive process]
  • Anselin, L. 2005. Exploring Spatial Data with GeoDa: A Workbook. [Relevant chapters: 2225]
  • Anselin, L. 2005. Spatial Regression Analysis in R: A Workbook. [Relevant chapter: 6]


This presentation was given by Dr. Paul Voss on June 22, 2011. We have broken the lecture into three parts, which can be accessed by the page links below. Each lecture is presented through video recordings, audio recordings, lecture slides and notes on the lectures.