ESRI Health GIS Conference, 14-16 Oct 2013, Cambridge, MA

Event Date(s): October 14-16, 2013

Short description of News or Event Announcement (150 Words): “Come to the Esri Health GIS Conference in Cambridge, Mass. October 14-16 and be at the absolute cutting edge of geomedicine, community health, and human services. You will learn the latest applications and tips in GIS from seasoned Esri experts as well as share your insights, technical skills and enthusiasm with health and human services peers from across the nation and the world.”

This conference will also include paper presentations about the use of GIS in the following categories:

  • Health Policy
  • Health Delivery
  • Disease Surveillance
  • Environmental Health Tracking
  • Leveraging your GIS as a collaborative platform
  • GIS for Facilities Management
  • Managing Population Health
  • Use of GIS in Relief and Development Projects
  • Healthcare Facilities

Submissions for presentation will be accepted until July 19th, 2013.

Website Link for more information: