Prior Awards

GISPopSci has offered training and resources for integrating GIS and spatial analysis with demography and the population sciences since 2004. Prior funding proposals in support of  these initiatives document how our mission has changed over the years and may provide a useful template for those who seek support to advance spatial perspectives in the population sciences.

2008–2013 Advanced Spatial Analysis Proposal
2004–2006 GIS Population Science Proposal

2008 Advanced Spatial Analysis Proposal

Advanced Spatial Analysis Training Program for Population Scientists:
Principal Investigator Stephen A. Matthews

Appendix A: Publications
Appendix B: Exit surveys from 2006 GISPopSci workshop attendees
Appendix C: Agenda for the Penn State 2006 GISPopSci workshop
Appendix D: A listing of the final presentations made by attendees at GISPopSci workshops in 2005 and 2006
Appendix E: A summary listing of the disciplinary affiliations of both applicants and attendees of 2005 and 2006 workshops.

2004–2006 GIS Population Science Proposal

NICHD Proposal:
Principal Investigator Stephen A. Matthews

Appendix A: Data on demographic training programs, population centers
Appendix B: CSISS Materials (including a copy of Goodchild et al., 2000)
Appendix C: PRI’s PAA activities 1998–2003
Appendix D: A brief summary of GIS activities at APCs
Appendix E: Tabulation of academic institutions with both UCGIS and APC membership
Appendix F: PRI sponsored conferences 1998–2003
Appendix G: Example of workshop evaluation form
Appendix H: CSISS Workshop on Population Science and GIS held at Penn State (2003)