This second module of the Spatial Regression Modeling workshop concerns Spatial Autocorrelation. There are a number of readings that will help you prepare for and better understand this module, as well as a lecture about the topic.


  • Anselin, L. 1996. The Moran Scatterplot as an ESDA Tool to Assess Local Instability in Spatial Association. In Fischer, M., H.J. Scholten, and D. Unwin (eds.) Spatial Analytical Perspectives on GIS: GISDATA 4. London: Taylor & Francis, pp. 111125.  [Introduction to a key diagnostic tool in spatial data analysis]
  • Tolnay, S.E., G. Deane, and E.M. Beck. 1996. Vicarious Violence: Spatial Effects on Southern Lynchings, 18901919. American Journal of Sociology 102(3): 788815. [An interesting example of negative spatial autocorrelation arising in a social process]
  • Tobler, W.R. 1970. A Computer Movie Simulating Urban Growth in the Detroit Region. Economic Geography 46 (June): 234240. [The classic on the concept of positive spatial autocorrelation]
  • Getis, A. 2007. Reflections on Spatial Autocorrelation. Regional Science and Urban Economics 37: 491496. [A brief essay by a quantitative geographer who has contributed much to the spatial autocorrelation literature]
  • Getis, A. 2008. A History of the Concept of Spatial Autocorrelation: A Geographer’s Perspective. Geographical Analysis 40: 297309.
  • Anselin, L. 2005. Exploring Spatial Data with GeoDa: A Workbook. [Relevant chapters: 1518]
  • Anselin, L. 2005. Spatial Regression Analysis in R: A Workbook. [Relevant chapter: 3]
  • Messner, SF., L. Anselin, R.D. Baller, D.F. Hawkins, G. Deane, and S.E. Tolnay. 1999. The Spatial Patterning of County Homicide Rates: An Application of Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis. Journal of Quantitative Criminology 15(4): 423450. [A nice example of ESDA]


This presentation was given by Dr. Paul Voss on June 21, 2011. We have broken this lecture into two parts, which can be accessed by the page links below. Each lecture is presented through video recordings, audio recordings, lecture slides and notes on the lectures.