Website: http://teachspatial.org

Affiliation: Center for Spatial Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

Principal Investigators: Donald G. Janelle and Karl Grossner

Project Description:
http://teachspatial.org is a web portal to promote the discussion of spatial literacy among researchers and educators. It provides access to digital teaching and learning resources that support the integration of spatial thinking into course curricula. With funding from NSF (small-grant NSDL Pathways project) the Resources section of the website is a managed Collection within the National Science Digital Library. It is organized according to a concept-based framework that transcends disciplinary boundaries. Linkage to NSDL leverages advanced aspects of  a data repository and content model that allows users to discover and navigate among related spatial concepts and provides guided access to National Science Digital Library resources. The TeachSpatial collection was accessioned to NSDL in February 2012.