Since 2005, the NIH-funded GISPopSi and Advanced Spatial Analysis training programs have organized and hosted more than a dozen workshops on topics relating to GIS, spatial statistics and population science.

Portions of these workshops are available online for your instruction. The links below contain video and audio of selected lectures, as well as presentation files, lab files (as appropriate), and lecture notes.

  • Spatial Regression Modeling Workshop. Conducted by Drs. Paul Voss and Katherine Curtis at the The Population Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University in 2011.
  • Spatial Pattern Analysis Workshop. Contains lectures by Drs. Jared Aldstadt, Arthur Getis, Michael Goodchild, Indy Hurt, Stephen Matthews, Gerard Rushton, and John Weeks from workshops conducted at UC Santa Barbara in 2008 and 2010.
  • Geographically Weighted Regression Workshop. Contains lectures by Drs. Stewart Fotheringham, Chris Brunsdon, and Martin Charlton from workshops conducted at the Population Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University in 2008 and UC Santa Barbara in 2010.
  • Multilevel Modeling Workshop. Conducted by Drs. Kelvyn Jones and S.V.  Subramanian at UC Santa Barbara in 2009.


2009 Workshop Participants

Katherine Curtis and Paul Voss